Atelier Jean Phillip focuses on bespoke garments made on slow fashion principles appealing to both men and women alike. The majority of garments and accessories are hand-made and produced locally at the atelier in Copenhagen and are released in biannual collections.
Atelier Jean Phillip creates collections that are free of trends and empty novelty. Exhibiting a responsible and long term solution to building a wardrobe, the brand is seamlessly tied together using recurring styles and a often seasonless black palette which act as the mainstay of the Atelier Jean Phillip vision. Each collection features details and design choices of earlier creations but introduces new elements of their own. Daring twists, new textile choices and bold accents differentiate the collections, and bring a unique and innovative vision every season whilst retaining an air of familiarity that is essentially Atelier Jean Phillip.
Textile choice is paramount at Atelier Jean Phillip with form and function being artfully combined. All items are made-to-measure and may be altered to complement individual style choices.